How to Contact a Cooperative Private Lands Wildlife Biologist

As part of Virginia's new quail recovery initiative, 5 Private Lands Wildlife Biologists were hired to increase assistance available to landowners interested in quail management and financial assistance programs. These biologists were hired via a cooperative effort between the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and the Conservation Management Institute at Virginia Tech.

You may already be used to working with one of VDGIF's District Wildlife Biologists, and if so, fantastic, there are none better (locator is available here). However, if you are specifically interested in wildlife habitat cost-share assistance programs, particularly those aimed at early-succession species like bobwhite quail, field sparrows, prairie warblers and many more - a Private Lands Wildlife Biologist is available to assist you. Click here for a coverage area map with contact information (PDF). They will appreciate your interest!