Beyond the Food Patch:
A Guide to Providing Bobwhite Quail Habitat


Appendix A

Recommended Plantings for Quail
Herbaceous Planting Time Planting Rates/Acre
Bobwhite soybeans May - June 1 bushel
Cowpeas May - July 1 bushel
Buckwheat mid-June - July 40 pounds
Grain sorhum (milo) May - June 5 pounds
Korean or Kobe lespedeza February - March 15 pounds
Partridge pea after last frost 5-8 pounds
Sunflower May - June 20 pounds
Millet: pearl, browntop May - June 15-20 pounds
Austrian winter pea mid-September - mid-October 25 pounds
Crimson clover September 15 pounds
Small grains:
Winter rye

mid-September - October
mid-October - mid-November

1 bushel
1 bushel
1 bushel
Orchardgrass Aug. - Sep., Feb. - Mar. 8-10 pounds
Ladino clover Sept. - Oct., Feb - Mar 2-3 pounds
Orchardgrass/ladino Sept. - Oct., Feb - Mar 6-8 and 1-2 pounds
Bicolor (VA70):
lespedeza seed


1 pound/1000 ft/row
Plant seedlings as soon as available. Usually early spring.
Minimum of 4 rows for lespedeza. 3 rows of all others.
VA-70 (bicolor) lespedeza 3 ft X 3 ft
Shrub dogwood: red osier, gray ans silky 6 ft X 6 ft
Indigobush 6 ft X 6 ft
American plum 6 ft X 6 ft
White or Virginia pine, or red cedar
(Use in combination with shrubs for
establishing hedgerows)

Flowering dogwood
(Use in hedgerows and field borders)

10 ft X 10 ft

20 ft in line

Appendix B

Sources for Obtaining Technical and/or Cost Share Assistance
Agency Tech.
Cost Share Program
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Yes Wildlife Best Management Practices
(BMPs) thru local SWCD
Virginia Department of Forestry Yes Forest Stewardship Program (FSP)
Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) Yes Agricultural/Wildlife Best Management
Pratices (BMPs)
USDA Farm Service Agency No Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)

Conservation Reserve Enhancement
Program (CREP)
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services
Yes Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP)

Forestry Incentive Program (FIP)
Quail Unlimited No Low Cost Seed

All photos, unless otherwise credited, are by Dwight Dyke, Blackhawk Productions©. The quail sketches have been produced by Spike Knuth over the years for various Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries quail publications. We are indebted to these men for sharing their skills with the readers.