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Time is Running Out to Purchase Your Riparian Stationary Blind License

Blind licenses can be purchased online or at any license agent

Waterfowl hunters who hunt from riparian stationary blinds are being reminded by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) that the time period for purchasing a stationary riparian blind license is coming to an end. Riparian owners, their lessees or permittees have until June 15, 2012 to purchase a license. In addition, plates with a 2013 decal must be affixed to a stake or blind by June 30, 2012.

There has been no change in the date a riparian stationary blind must be erected. For all stationary blinds, if a stake has been erected on the site such stake must be replaced by a blind by November 1. Such stationary blinds shall conform to the standards prescribed by law.

All blind licenses are available through the VDGIF's point of sale system just as other licenses are sold. Remember, hunters no longer have to go to the license agent in the county where the blind will be located. They can go to any license agent in the state or purchase the blind license via the internet at

Hunters who purchase their blind license online will be able to print out a PDF copy of their application information. The license for their blind will be emailed immediately after the sale is complete. As with purchasing directly from a license agent, hunters can request new plates online and the plate and decal will be mailed within three to five business days.

More information about the dates for purchasing blinds is posted on the Department's website:, and will also be listed in upcoming regulation booklets.