Finance, Audit, and Compliance Committee Meeting

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 10:00:00 AM

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Title Length Size
Call to Order and Welcome 0:00:17 67.2 KB
Public Comment - Non- Agenda Items 0:00:04 17.8 KB
Approval of the August 9, 2011 Meeting Minutes 0:00:14 57 KB
Presentation of the FY2011 Summary and FY2012 First Quarter Report 0:38:13 8.74 MB
Small Purchase Charge Card Review Report 0:11:18 2.58 MB
Summary of Public Comments Received on Multi-year License Proposal 0:17:59 4.11 MB
Internal Audit Charter 0:07:46 1.77 MB
Internal Audit Plan (FY-2012) 0:04:37 1.05 MB
IT Security Audit Plan 0:01:44 409 KB
Director's Comments 0:09:34 2.19 MB
Chairman's Remarks 0:00:17 68.9 KB
Additional Comments/Discussion 0:10:01 2.29 MB
Adjournment 0:00:18 72.9 KB

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Call to Order and Welcome

Meeting Minutes