Board of Game and Inland Fisheries Meeting

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 - 9:00:00 AM

The Board of Game and Inland Fisheries will meet and intends to consider for final adoption regulation amendments proposed on October 17, 2006 that would: authorize the director of the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries to take measures to prevent, control, or eradicate the spread of disease in wildlife populations in the Commonwealth; add yellow perch, white perch, gizzard shad, carp, and gar to the list of freshwater fish that may be harvested from below the fall line in all tidal rivers of the Chesapeake Bay and sold commercially in accordance with Virginia Marine Resources Commission commercial fishing regulations, and size and harvest limits set by the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries; and make it legal to take gizzard shad and white perch from below the fall line in all tidal rivers of the Chesapeake Bay using a gill net, in accordance with Virginia Marine Resources Commission recreational gill net regulations, and size and harvest limits set by the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. A public comment period on the proposed regulation amendments opened October 24 and closed November 23, 2006. At the December 12, 2006 meeting, the Board will solicit comments from the public in a public hearing, at which time any interested citizen present shall be heard; it will receive staff's recommendations regarding final adoption of amendments; and it then will determine whether the amendments proposed on October 17 will be adopted as final regulations. The Board reserves the right to adopt final amendments that may be more liberal than, or more stringent than, the regulations currently in effect or the regulation amendments proposed at the October 17, 2006 meeting, as necessary for the proper management of wildlife resources.

The Board is exempted from the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4002 of the Code of Virginia) in promulgating wildlife management regulations, including the length of seasons, bag limits and methods of take set on the wildlife resources within the Commonwealth of Virginia; it promulgates boating regulations under the authority of § 29.1-701 (E); and publishes all proposed and final regulations as required by § 2.2-4031 of the Code of Virginia.

The Board will also: recognize recent Interim Director W. Gerald Massengill; receive reports from committees of the Board; may discuss general and administrative issues; and may hold a closed session at some time during the meeting.

For additional information, please contact Beth Drewery at 804-367-9149 or e-mail (

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Introduction to Board Secretary 00:00:37 151 KB
Public Comment (Non-Agenda Items) 00:03:35 846 KB
Recognition of Col. Massengill 00:20:39 4.8 MB
Recognition of Employees and Others 00:04:58 1.2 MB
Adoption of October Minutes 00:00:33 135 KB
Committee Report: Education, Planning, and Outreach 00:10:05 2.4 MB
Committee Report: Finance, Audit, and Compliance 00:18:07 4.2 MB
Committee Report: Wildlife and Boat 00:06:05 1.4 MB
Regulation Proposal: Wildlife 00:18:53 4.4 MB
Regulation Proposal: Fisheries 00:12:05 2.8 MB
Chairman's Remarks 00:02:43 520 KB
Director's Remarks 00:50:59 11.9 MB
Vice Chair's Remarks on SEAFWA 00:02:51 674 KB
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Call to Order

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