Basic Academy Physical Fitness and Swimming Programs

Physical Fitness

Virginia State Conservation Police Officers, formerly known as Virginia State Game Wardens, are required to maintain a high level of fitness. The physical fitness program in the Academy consists of numerous exercises that promote cardiovascular, agility, strength and endurance excellence. Physical fitness is conducted daily, normally between 6:00 AM–7:00 AM (Monday–Friday)

Recommended Running Program

VDGIF Basic Academy Recruits run several miles during each week of training. You should carry out a running program prior to attending the Academy. The program should consist of sprinting and long running. You should build up and uphold a running program of 8 to 10 miles per week or better.

Dedicated runners normally meet the standards of the VDGIF Basic Academy with no complications. Persons just stating a running program are prone to lower leg pain soreness.

You should begin a running program immediately to prepare for the Academy.

Swimming and Water Survival

Virginia State Conservation Police Officers are often confronted with water emergencies and situations while on boat, vehicle and foot patrols. The Conservation Police Officer swimming program in the Academy consists of numerous swimming tasks that enhance water survival, endurance, stamina and overall confidence in the water.

During training each recruit will be required to swim a minimum of 50 meters and tread water for minimum of 15 minutes. In addition, the recruits will train to perform tasks while wearing full uniform and law enforcement equipment with and without personal flotation devices. This training will take place in swimming pools, fresh and salt water locations. Academy lifeguards and SCUBA personnel will always be available to assist you with your swimming improvement needs.

Individuals needing assistance with their swimming should enroll in a creditable swimming or water safety program. For more information and locations of swimming and water safety programs you should visit the American Red Cross Web site and the YMCA Web site. Other suitable swimming programs may be available in your local living area.


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