“It Takes a Hunter to Make a Hunter”

  • Help new hunters prepare. Get them excited by sighting in or patterning firearms, selecting equipment, planning hunts, and fine tuning their hunting skills.
  • Make sure they have adequate clothing for the weather.
  • Make sure the gun or bow are appropriate for the novice's size and skill level.
  • Do not focus on killing an animal. Instead, stress enjoyment of the hunt.
  • Keep hunts to reasonable length according to age. Take reasonable bathroom breaks. Be conscious of uncomfortable weather. If you insist that you both stay in the treestand all day, in freezing weather with strong winds, it will likely be the last time the novice goes hunting.
  • It is your responsibility to keep them safe. Make sure everyone follows firearm and treestand safety rules.
  • Safety also includes boats if they are used.
  • When the new hunter is very inexperienced, it's best for the two of you to carry only one firearm. It's safer, and your focus should be on the novice. If both of you will shoot, then take turns (the novice should get the first shot, of course).