Find Game

Find Game

Find Game is an interactive Web-based map viewer designed by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) to provide better and more current information about hunting land location and access. Funded by a grant from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the objective of Find Game is to get hunters in the field.

Find Game allows users to map hunting areas by location and/or by game species. The following statewide public hunting lands are included:

  • VDGIF Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) and leased lands,
  • State Parks,
  • State Forests,
  • military installations,
  • National Forests,
  • U.S. Army Corp of Engineers lands,
  • National Wildlife Refuges,
  • and other special hunting opportunities.

Information associated with these public lands includes: hunting quality by species, land manager contact information, site description, facilities available, access information, and associated Web links.

Search Options

Find Game search options

You can search by game species, location, both location and game species, specific property, or get a statewide view. A species search displays the public hunting lands according to the hunting suitability for bear, deer, turkey, grouse, quail, rabbit, raccoon, dove, squirrel or waterfowl. This also provides a list of properties rated as "average" to "excellent." The location-based searches (available soon) will allow you to enter a county or zipcode and search for lands within a specified number of miles (for example, within 50 miles of Loudoun County). A property search zooms you to one of the approximately 115 properties available in Find Game. The statewide map takes you to a default map showing all hunter-accessible public lands in the Commonwealth.

Find Game start

Once you are on the map page, all of the searches are also available in the Search tab on the right of the screen. Other tabs on the right include "Map Features", "Legend", and "Info". The Map Features tab displays the elements on the map and allows you to make other map features visible, such as boating access points and game species relative abundance maps. The Legend tab shows how the map features are displayed. The Info tab displays information about individual properties after they are selected.


Navigating the Map

Several tools, on top of the map frame, help you navigate. More details on the map are shown as you zoom in. In addition to selecting a property directly through a search, you may view properties using the map tools to zoom in and out and recenter the map (moving across the Commonwealth) as you explore potential hunting sites. To get more information about a specific huntable land, use the Information tool on top of the map frame and click on that property. Details are then shown in the Info tab to the right.

While Find Game provides a wealth of information, VDGIF strongly recommends that hunters contact local land managers before traveling to a hunting destination. Hunting access and regulations change over time, so check Find Game often!

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To find out more information about Find Game, create a login and visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

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