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The Plant Materials & Dealers List is provided to assist you in selecting the right plant or plants for your wildlife habitat project. Click on the "Show Plants" button to bring up a selection of plants. The "Show Info" button will give you an idea of which wildlife use this plant, where you can use it, what rate to plant, and similar information to assist you in tailoring your planting to your needs. A listing of some of the places you can buy these plants is also provided.

Upland or Wetland?

VA-70 Lespedeza
Wildlife usage:Excellent quail food and cover. Only shrub lespedeza well-adapted to Virginia.
Planting time:January-April
Planting rate/acre:3' between seedlings; 5' between rows
Soils, adaptations, and fertility:Does well in wet to dry sites. Does not sustain as much deer browse damage as most shrubs.
Additional Comments:An excellent field border shrub row is a mixed planting of Indigobush, Silky Dogwood, and VA-70 Lespedeza. Add others as possible, especially the Viburnums.

C. P. Daniel's Sons, Inc. P. O. Box 119, Waynesboro, GA 30830 800-822-5681 Send Email
Ernst Conservation Seeds 9006 Mercer Pike, Meadville, PA 16335 800-873-3321 Send Email
Ashland Feed Store 120 Thompson St., Ashland, VA 23005 804-798-8431
Adams-Briscoe Seed Co. P. O. Box 19, Jackson, GA 30233 770-775-7826 770-775-7122 Send Email
Spandle Nurseries 131 Wildlife Drive, Claxton, GA 30417 800-553-5771 912-739-2701 Send Email

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