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Embrey Dam Removal

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Embrey Dam Removal - New vs. Present Migratory Fish Habitat

On Monday, February 23rd 2004, a 100-foot section of the Embrey Dam on the Rappahannock River was breached. The breaching of Embrey Dam will reopen 71 miles of the mainstem Rappahannock River and 35 miles of the Rapidan River, a major tributary, for a total of 106 miles of historically known spawning and rearing habitat for migratory shad and herring. Several additional miles on smaller tributaries will also be accessible. The map shows current migratory fish habitat in green and newly available habitat in orange. Anadromous fish populations may eventually return to, or near, historic levels with fish passage, supplemental stocking, and a harvest moratorium all contributing to the recovery.

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