This section of the Department’s website provides quick and easy access to agency forms, including various license, permit, and boating registration & titling applications.

The majority of the forms listed are provided in PDF and require the free Adobe Reader program to view and print. Completed forms and associated fees, if applicable, should be mailed to the address listed on the form. If you have questions about a form, need assistance, or can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

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Permit Forms

License Forms

Boating Forms

  1. Application to Register and Title a Boat (NEW)
  2. Certification for Boat Not Previously Registered
  3. Transfer when Owner is Deceased
  4. Transfer when Title or Bill of Sale Not Available
  5. Transfer by Operation of Law
  6. Transfer of Abandoned Boat (NEW)
  7. Transfer of Boats Found Estray and Adrift
  8. Length Certification
  9. Registration Renewal Application
  10. Change in Ownership or Registration Information
  11. Duplicate and Replacement Registration Card, Decals, or Title
  12. Motor Change
  13. Watercraft Sales Tax Payment
  14. State Assigned Hull Identification Number
  15. Ownership of Watercraft
  16. Power of Attorney for Boat Registration and Titling
  17. Boating Accident Report
  18. Stolen Boat Report
  19. Notification of Recovery of a Stolen Boat or Motor
  20. Refund of Registration Fee
  21. Supplemental and Transfers of Liens
  22. Repossession Affidavit
  23. Court Ordered Liens
  24. Mechanic’s Liens
  25. Storage Liens
  26. Vessel Search for Captain’s License
  27. Commissioner’s Report of Change of Address
  28. Restricted Boat Operation Markers, Informational Signs, and Hazard Markers

Watercraft Dealer Forms

  1. Watercraft Dealer License Application
  2. Watercraft Dealer Bond
  3. Watercraft Salesman License Application
  4. Watercraft Demonstrator License Application
  5. Representative’s License Application
  6. Temporary Supplemental License
  7. Dealer or Manufacturer Demonstration Registration (Certificate of Number)
  8. Consumer Complaint Form

Other Forms