North Fork Pound Reservoir - Fishing Opportunities

Bass are the most popular sport fish at Pound Lake. Largemouth and spotted bass are more abundant than smallmouths. The spring electrofishing sample turned up some very nice largemouth bass. Abundant forage and a protective limit should produce very good bass fishing opportunities in the near future. Though typically small, spotted bass are abundant enough to provide good action on small surface lures or flyrod poppers.

Pound Lake has provided excellent bluegill fishing for many years. The bluegill fishery seems to have declined somewhat since gizzard shad and alewives were introduced in the 1990s. However, crappie fishing has been improving steadily. A habitat improvement project was completed in 2002 with the U. S. Forest Service. Hinge-cut trees were developed along the shoreline at several locations in the lake. Adult crappie (six to eight inches) were also stocked. Crappie fishing should improve as a result of the habitat improvements, the stockings and the shad forage.

Muskies stocked in the past are still providing a few trophies (See the photo gallery). Channel catfish fishing is improving, because larger fingerlings have been available for stocking the last few years. Flathead catfish are also available for anglers.

The Department stocked walleye fingerlings into Pound Lake each year from 1998 to 2004. Stocked walleyes did not do very well in the lake. Anglers caught a few walleyes, and biologists have collected some during routine sampling. However, good walleye population and fishery did not develop. Walleye stocking has been discontinued at Pound Lake. The walleye stocked from 1998-2004 should provide some limited fishing opportunities for the next few years.