Lone Star Lakes

Boating Access and Fishing Re-opened at Butler Tract Lake

The City of Suffolk re-opened the boating access (ramp) for Butler Tract Lake, located within the Lone Star Lakes Park, on August 3, 2010. Boaters and anglers should be aware of the current low water level in the lake that may make it difficult to launch boats that require a trailer. Please contact the park rangers at 757-255-4032 for additonal questions regarding boat access in Lone Star lakes.

The Lone Star Lakes are a series of 12 lakes (some interconnected) varying in size from three to 50 acres. The total acreage is 490. These lakes were excavated for marl and later sold to the City of Suffolk for water supply and a public park. The park contains 1,172 acres and offers picnicking and hiking, as well as an archery range and horseback riding trails. There are two new ramps, one at Butler Tract and the other at Crane Lake, providing boat access to these outstanding fishing waters.

The lakes vary in characteristics. One is brackish, some are dark-stained, while others very clear. Some are deep while others are very shallow. Among the best is Crane Lake, which opens into Chuckatuck Creek.