Albemarle Lake - Fishing Opportunities

Largemouth bass

Largemouth can be found along the shoreline in shallow water during early spring as water temperatures begin to warm. Spawning season is primarily in the month of May and bass are generally feeding heavily several weeks prior to the spawn. Fallen trees and beaver lodges are good areas to fish for bass at this time of the year. As water temperatures increase during the summer months, bass move to deeper water and tend to be more active in early morning or late afternoon. As fall approaches, with cooling water temperatures, bass move back into shallower water, taking on feeding habits of the early spring months. As winter approaches, bass once again move to deeper water. Sunfish are the primary forage for bass in this lake.


Lake Albemarle has always had a good panfish population that has provided anglers with many hours of enjoyment. Sampling indicated that the bluegill and redear populations continue to do very well. Bluegill, redear sunfish, and an occasional warmouth exceeding eight inches are not uncommon in this fishery, and bluegill growth rates are above the statewide average.

Sunfish spawn in this lake in May and June and can be found on spawning beds in shallow flats. As summer approaches, the panfish will move to deeper water - as do the bass. In the fall of the year, bluegill and redear will once again begin to spawn as water temperatures cool, making them once again vulnerable to fly fishing with popping bugs.

Black crappie

Crappie fishing in Lake Albemarle is decent, with fish up to 12 inches being available. These fish can be located in the lake in areas that have fallen tree cover, beaver lodges, or one of the 15 submerged log cribs that were built when the lake was first impounded. Live minnows or small beetle spins are excellent bait for crappie, which may even land a small bass or the larger sunfish.


Channel catfish are stocked annually in Lake Albemarle. Late evening till dusk from May through September should provide some good fishing for channel's using stink baits.