Little Creek Reservoir - News & Reports

Walleye Fishing Forecast

Department fisheries biologists conducted an electrofishing survey of Little Creek Reservoir on May 1, 2008. The survey showed a great improvement from the 2006 survey. The catch rates of several species showed an obvious increase from the last sample. The electrofishing survey was conducted along 6 shoreline areas around the reservoir. These twenty-minute runs were combined to allow for a quick inspection of the current fishery. A total of 101 largemouth bass were collected. The catch rate of 50.5 bass per hour showed a major improvement from the 2006 catch rate (39 bass, 19.5 bass/hr). A total of 405 bluegills were collected during two of the sample runs. The catch rate of 606 bluegills per hour showed the continued presence of an abundant bluegill population. One of the largest surprises of the survey came in the way of the chain pickerel. A total of 118 chain pickerel made it into our boat for length and weight measurements. The chain pickerel catch rate of 59/hr is the highest rate we have seen in many years of electrofishing. The 2008 catch rate is well above the 2006 survey (48 chain pickerel, 24/hr). The chain pickerel will provide a lot of the angling action when the bass are not cooperating. The 2008 survey also showed an increase in the catch rate of redear sunfish (222/hr) when compared to the 2006 survey (186/hr).

The 2007 fishing year was very productive for anglers. A total of 66 citations were reported for Little Creek Reservoir. The break down of citations yielded: 24 yellow perch, 24 sunfish, 5 largemouth bass, 5 black crappies, 3 striped bass, 3 chain pickerel, 1 blue catfish and 1 walleye.

The 2008 fishing year has seen its fair share of trophy fish already with a high number of striped bass caught by anglers using blueback herring for bait. The major highlight so far has been the catch of the new lake record striped bass by Willie Weber of New Kent County. Mr. Weber's trophy went an incredible 41 inches in length and weighed 31 pounds and 10 ounces. Mr. Weber has also had the magic touch when it comes to finding the walleyes. The largemouth bass action has been good with some quality bass in the 4 to 5 pound range caught on a consistent basis. Anglers that are able to find the schools of yellow perch and black crappie have been pulling in some nice fish as well.

Walleye fingerlings were stocked into Little Creek Reservoir during early May of 2008. This marks the return of walleye stocking to the reservoir. The 18,000 walleye fingerlings will hopefully be able to survive long enough to provide future angling opportunities. The larger walleye in the 4 to 7 pound range that have been caught by anglers recently are most likely holdover fish from the last walleye stocking of 2000. The possibility exists for some limited natural reproduction if mature walleye are able to find suitable spawning habitat. The lack of any major tributary streams limits the overall success of natural reproduction.

Little Creek Reservoir was roughly 3 feet below full pool level at the end of July. Some well needed rain storms are needed to assist the lake level. Boat anglers are reminded to be cautious when traveling around the reservoir as sunken islands and sand bars are now being exposed in several areas.

Past News & Reports that might be of some interest:

Department fisheries biologists conducted extensive sampling of Little Creek Reservoir during 2006. Trap netting and electrofishing surveys were conducted during the spring of 2006 along with gill netting in the fall. The trap net surveys were used in an attempt to evaluate the black crappie and redear sunfish populations. The electrofishing survey was used to assess the overall fishery for comparison to past sample years. Fall gill netting was conducted to assess the strength of the striped bass fishery and the overall forage base of the reservoir. A summary of our sampling results is included in the fishing opportunities section. The full 2007 report is posted under the biologist reports section.

The Little Creek Reservoir fish citation total for 2006 was not as impressive as 2005 with only 48 citations reported. The yellow perch took top honors once again with 16 citations. Other citations consisted of 11 sunfish, 9 black crappies, 8 striped bass, 2 largemouth bass, 1 rock bass and 1 walleye. The last two years have been very productive for trophy striped bass with 8 citations reported each year. Anglers have been catching some very nice black crappies in the 2 to 2.75 pound range.

Anglers enjoyed fishing Little Creek Reservoir during 2005 as a total of 96 citation-sized fish were reported. The highest number of citations came from the catch of 44 trophy yellow perch. Little Creek Reservoir came in second place behind Lake Moomaw for the top yellow perch water in the state. Little Creek Reservoir also produced citations in the form of 29 sunfish, 8 striped bass, 5 black crappies, 4 largemouth bass, 3 chain pickerel and 3 walleye. It was a good sign that 3 walleye citations were caught. These fish are most likely holdovers from the 2000 walleye stocking.