Leesville Reservoir - Maps & Directions

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Tri-County marina is located on the North side of the reservoir; from Rt 43 in Leesville, turn onto Route 630, left onto Route 733, and left onto route 834.

Public Boating Access at Leesville Reservoir

County/City Access Area Barrier Free Type Ramps Latitude Longitude Map
Pittsylvania Leesville Dam #7 No Concrete Ramp 1 37° 5' 27" N
79° 24' 9" W
Directions: From Altavista, 29 South (3.0); R on Rt 642 (1.2); R on Rt 754 (2.9)
Pittsylvania Myer's Creek No Concrete Ramp 1 37° 0' 44" N
79° 27' 21" W
Directions: From Gretna,Rt40 W(2.5);R on Rt790(.2);L on Rt765(2.7);L on Rt672(1.2);R on Rt768(2.2)

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