Lee Hall Reservoir - News & Reports

Department fisheries biologist conducted electrofishing and trap net surveys on Lee Hall Reservoir during the spring of 2005. Collected data revealed the presence of abundant sunfish and yellow perch populations. The historical sample sites did not produce high numbers of largemouth bass. The size structure of the limited bass sample was good with a high percentage of the bass measured over 15 inches in length. Trap net surveys showed the majority of the black crappie population to be in the 7 - 11 inch range with the largest crappie measured at 15.23 inches and 2.06 pounds. This crappie shows that Lee Hall Reservoir has the potential to produce citation-sized black crappies. Age and growth analysis showed that the crappies were growing well with fish reaching 10 inches in 3 years of growth.

Lee Hall reservoir produced a total of 9 reported fish citations in 2005. Anglers caught 7 citation-sized chain pickerel, 1 citation largemouth bass and 1 black crappie citation.