Lee Hall Reservoir - Fishing Opportunities

The electrofishing survey of 2005 indicated that numbers of largemouth bass are not very abundant in Lee Hall Reservoir. Although the catch rate of largemouth bass was rather low in comparison to other area waters, 50% of the bass sample was greater than 12 inches in length. The majority of bass were collected from the flats of the middle basin off of I-64. This shallow area with abundant cover is attractive to bass in search of spawning areas. The largest bass collected measured 20 inches and weighed 4.3 pounds.

The electrofishing survey produced high numbers of bluegill and yellow perch. The bluegill and yellow perch populations are dominated by an abundance fish in the 3 - 6 inch range. The sample collected only 18 yellow perch in the 7 - 8 inch range. The sample also revealed the presence of numerous pumpkinseed and redear sunfish with the majority of these fish less than 6 inches in length.

The spring 2005 trap net surveys revealed fair numbers of black crappie present in the upper reaches of the reservoir. A high percentage of the sample consisted of black crappies in the 7 - 11 inch range. The largest black crappie measured an impressive 15.23 inches and weighed 2.06 pounds.

The trap net surveys revealed fair numbers of white perch present. The majority of the white perch collected were within the 9 - 11 inch range. Lee Hall Reservoir has produced some quality chain pickerel over the years. Although our sampling did not produce any large chain pickerel, anglers were still successful in catching and reporting 7 citation-sized chain pickerel in 2005.