Lakeview Reservoir - Fishing Opportunities

During the 1990's, the reservoir was drawn down several times to facilitate repairs to the dam. This reduced the fish populations to low levels that required a period of recovery. When the reservoir was last sampled during 2002, results were relatively poor.
However, much of this was attributed to the late date of sampling (May 29) after water temperatures had already risen substantially, as well as dense shoreline vegetation made it difficult to capture fish there. At that time, an extremely high number of gizzard shad was evident; not a good sign for game fish populations. Because of the frequency of drawdowns, no management measures have been recommended for this reservoir in the past.

The reservoir was sampled in October, 2005 after an extended summer-time drawdown which, again, was done to allow for repairs to the dam. The sample was taken to evaluate whether sufficient numbers of fish still remained in the reservoir to allow for repopulation. A total of ten species of fish were collected in the electrofishing sample, which encompassed a substantial portion of the shoreline. Only two species, largemouth bass and bluegill, were abundant, however. Harvestable-size fish of these two species were collected in fair numbers, so anglers can expect to have some success catching them immediately. The low numbers of other species collected could have been exacerbated by the depth of this reservoir. Electrofishing is only effective in relatively shallow water and/or for shoreline-oriented species. Given the numbers of fish collected, it was determined that there was no need for supplemental stocking. The remaining fish should repopulate the reservoir on their own over the next few years, barring additional significant drawdowns, of course.