Horsepen Lake - Fishing Opportunities

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass once again swim the waters of Horsepen Lake. Restocking began in 2002 to replenish the fishery that was lost when the lake drained. It will take some time for bass to fully mature and provide a good fishing opportunity once more but the population is doing well. Numbers are increasing and fish have begun to naturally reproduce in the reservoir. Fish up to 15 inches were already sampled in the spring 2005 sample so the future looks bright for anglers seeking quality fish in a small impoundment setting. The bass population is being managed to produce a trophy fishery and the restrictive regulation is in place to achieve that trophy fishery goal. Biologists are hopeful that Horsepen will be something to brag about in the near future.


Bluegill and redear sunfish were also stocked at Horsepen in 2002. Currently, most bream are small but expanding their population. All fish sampled in 2005 were less than 8 inches but the fish are naturally reproducing and hopefully some bigger fish will start to show up in the fishery. Horsepen provides an excellent opportunity for kids to experience fishing with several areas around the lake where bank fishing is accessible.

Channel Catfish

Almost 300 channel catfish are stocked annually to maintain the fishery. Catfish from the first stocking should be reaching a minimum of 12-14 inches by now so enjoy the fishery.