Holliday Lake - Fishing Opportunities

Largemouth bass

The bass fishery at Holliday Lake is just one of the many great reasons to visit this state park owned lake. All sizes of largemouth bass are well represented in this reservoir with fish up to 20 inches available to the most patient angler. Most bass in Holiday Lake are in the 11 to 13 inch range but there are still good numbers of fish over 14 inches. Samples by Department biologists show that densities of bass in the reservoir are average for lakes in Southside Virginia offering ample opportunity for folks to have a fun day of fishing.


The panfish population has changed a great deal since anglers introduced yellow perch into the system in the late 1990's. The yellow perch population has out-competed bluegill and redear sunfish; species that once dominated the role of prey in the reservoir. Bluegill numbers have suffered most dramatically in the past decade with numbers in our samples roughly 1/10th what they once were. Yellow perch numbers seem to be leveling off and nice size perch, up to 12 inches, are now being caught. Hopefully the bluegill population will rebound somewhat and again offer anglers at the park another fishing opportunity. Black crappie are also present in the reservoir and offer a limited fishery. Samples indicate a few individuals up to 10 inches but most in the 7-9 inch range.

Channel catfish

Channel catfish are stocked annually at 10 fish per acre to provide an alternative fishery to Holliday Lake anglers.