Harwood's Mill Reservoir - News & Reports

Department fisheries biologists conducted an electrofishing sample on April 24, 2007. This sample trip was conducted in an attempt to gather additional data on the current fishery. The sample revealed a surprisingly high number of largemouth bass in the 16 to 21 inch range. The overall catch rate for largemouth bass was much higher than past sample years. The 2007 electrofishing survey came at a perfect time for the bass sample. The majority of the bass had just started to pair up in a pre-spawn pattern. The survey revealed some really nice female bass in the 5 to 7 pound range with one bass cracking the 8 pound mark. The sample also showed successful spawning had occurred with numerous fingerling bass collected.

Catch rates were rather low for bluegill, with the majority of the sample consisting of bluegills in the 3 to 6 inch range. A decent number of yellow perch were collected during the survey, but the overall size structured favored the presence of smaller perch in the 4 to 7 inch range. The overall diversity of the reservoir was high with 18 different species of fish sampled.

The full 2008 management report can be found under the biologist's report link. No electrofishing surveys were conducted during the spring of 2008. Harwood's Mill Reservoir is on a two year cycle and will be sampled again during the spring of 2009.

Past citation information:

Anglers reported catching 6 citation-sized largemouth bass and one citation chain pickerel from Harwood's Mill Reservoir during 2005. The total for citations reported during 2006 came to 8 with three largemouth bass, 3 northern pike, 1 chain pickerel and 1 yellow perch. The 2007 season was not all that productive in terms of reported citations. Only three citations were reported and they were for channel catfish, yellow perch and sunfish. One citation-sized chain pickerel has been reported for 2008 as of the end of July.