Harwood's Mill Reservoir

This 265-acre impoundment is the terminal reservoir for the City of Newport News water supply system. Water is pumped into Harwood's Mill from Chickahominy, Diascund and Little Creek reservoirs. Harwood's Mill Reservoir provides a scenic fishing opportunity for anglers of the greater Newport News and Hampton area. The fishery receives a limited amount of fishing pressure. Copper sulphate is applied to the reservoir by the City as needed to control nuisance algae. Oriana Road (Route 620) divides the reservoir into two sections, which also happen to differ in terms of habitat and fish population characteristics. The northern section has an abundance of cypress trees and is generally the better producer of bass, while the southern section has more open water and is generally better for yellow perch and white perch. A daily permit is required to fish the reservoir. The permit can be purchased from the concession buildings when they are open or from the campground store at Newport News Park.