Lake Gordonsville (Bowler's Mill) - Fishing Opportunities

Historically, the fishery in Lake Gordonsville has consisted of the traditional selection of largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, crappie, and channel catfish. In recent years, the bass population has improved and is now as good as ever. Recent samples yielded bass up to 23 inches, and more than 10% of the bass collected exceeded 20 inches in length. Abundant weed beds along the shoreline during late-spring, summer, and early fall provide a great place for anglers to target bass. The bluegill population is usually difficult to survey due to the abundance of this vegetation. But, some bluegill in our collections exceeded 8 inches in length. A few redear sunfish in the 8-inch range were collected too. Crappie are typically abundant, and though you won't catch many trophies, there is a plentiful supply of eating-size fish. Channel catfish, which do not generally reproduce well in small lakes such as this, are stocked annually to maintain a healthy fishery. This is a very popular place to fish on weekends during the peak of fishing season, so you may want to try it on a weekday if you can.