Lake Frederick - Regulations

Largemouth bass

  • 5 per day
  • No bass between 12-18 inches can be harvested.
  • Only one bass longer than 18 inches may be harvested.


  • 50 sunfish per day (all species in aggregate).
  • No size limit.


  • 25 per day.
  • No size limit.


  • 20 per day.
  • No minimum size.

Northern pike

  • 2 per day.
  • 20 inch minimum size limit
  • Only northern pike longer than 20 inches can be harvested.


  • Prohibited:Gasoline motors, swimming, ice skating, hunting, trapping, camping, organized fishing tournaments, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Fishing is permitted 24-hours a day unless otherwise posted.
  • All other activities shall be conducted only during daylight hours.
  • Fishing regulations shall conform to general statewide regulations unless otherwise posted.