Fluvanna Ruritan - Fishing Opportunities

A nice population of largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and redear sunfish inhabit the lake. Although the lake is not noted for trophy bass, the lake is lightly fished which can provide anglers with ample opportunities to see a lot of action with little distraction from other boaters or anglers. The bluegill population is improving after several years of downturn and should provide anglers with many hours of enjoyment.

The lake is one of the few Department owned lakes that is consistently fertilized to improve the quality of fishing. Fertilizing has doubled the poundage of fish that would normally be in the lake, adding to the angling opportunities at the lake. To enhance fishing, a number of exotic fish species have been stocked in the lake over the last 20 years, including walleye, tiger musky, and northern pike. Of the three species, only the walleye were stocked for more than 5 consecutive years and the last stocking of walleye occurred in 1997. The occasional walleye may still be hooked but the population should be declining rapidly. Today, only catfish are being stocked annually to help diversify the fishery.

The lake has an average depth of three feet and shallow flats with numerous stumps can be fished at the upper end of the lake, providing excellent crappie fishing in the spring. Two fish attractors (marked by floats) are provided by the Department as a fishing aid and provide hot fishing spots for crappie in the warmer months.