Lake Conner - Fishing Opportunities

Largemouth bass

For years, largemouth bass in Lake Conner were overabundant, but DGIF changed the regulation to a 16-22 inch protected slot limit. This limit was designed to increase harvest on younger largemouth bass to maintain good growth rates. Additionally, this limit would protect adult largemouth bass until they reached trophy or citation size. Sampling indicates that the regulation has accomplished its objective. The abundance of largemouth bass below the slot limit (less than 16 inches) has been slightly reduced and the number of trophy fish in the lake appears to be relatively high. Biologists will continue to monitor this new trophy regulation to assure that it is meeting the objectives of the fishery.


Bluegill, redear sunfish, and crappie in Lake Conner are similar to other southside lakes. Bluegill and redear sunfish are abundant and redear's tend to be larger. Anglers can expect to catch bluegill up to 8 inches and redear up to 11 inches. Beginning in late April, anglers should be able to catch a lot of fish as they begin to move shallow to spawn. Live bait such as crickets and worms work great on panfish but fly anglers can also be successful throwing popping bugs. Crappie are also fairly abundant in the lake but fish rarely exceed 11 inches. Yellow perch rarely exceed 10 inches.


There is a limited catfish fishery at Lake Conner even though it is stocked every other year. However, lake Conner has an excellent bullhead fishery with many 2-3 pound fish.