Chickahominy Lake - News & Reports

The Department's Angler Recognition Program issued a total of 41 trophy fish citations for this reservoir in 2005, putting it in 25th place in the list of top 25 waters in the state. It ranked third in the state for chain pickerel with 13 citations reported. Chickahominy Lake is well known for its chain pickerel and bowfin fishery. Numbers of citation-sized fish have dropped in the last few years. Only 7 chain pickerel and 2 bowfin citations have been reported for 2006. A total of 22 citations have been reported for Chickahominy Lake during 2006.

Fisheries staff conducted a spring electrofishing survey on Chickahominy Lake during April 2006. The sampling resulted in the collection of 17 species of fish with bluegills, bowfin and largemouth bass being the most abundant. Chickahominy Lake has never yielded extremely high catch rates during electrofishing surveys. A total of 83 largemouth bass were collected during the 2006 survey. The bass catch rate (41.5 bass/hr) was the highest catch rate since the 1994 sample (47.2 bass/hr). Good numbers of 2 to 4 pound bass were represented in the sample. The largest bass measured 21 inches and weighed 5.7 pounds. The sample also revealed an abundance of bowfins with a total of 95 collected. This yielded a record catch rate of 47.5 bowfins/hr. The majority of the bowfins were within the 3 to 6 pound range. The largest bowfin netted measured in at a citation length of 30 inches. Department fisheries biologists will continue to sample Chickahominy Lake on a yearly basis.

The submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) becomes particularly abundant in the summer, becoming an inconvenience in localized areas. Certain creek arms become clogged with hydrilla and other aquatic vegetation. Boaters should be cautious when trying to maneuver through these areas.