Chickahominy Lake

This is a 1230-acre water supply reservoir located along the New Kent-Charles City county line. This impoundment of the Chickahominy River was completed in 1943 with the construction of a low-head dam known locally as Walkers Dam. A fish ladder constructed into the dam allows for the passage of anadromous fish such as blueback herring and striped bass. The City of Newport News draws water from Chickahominy Lake and has been responsible for the recent repairs and renovations to Walkers Dam. A new, manually operated boat lock at the dam will eventually be operational to allow boat traffic to move between the lake and river.

This cypress-laden lake provides spectacular scenery, and is great for bird watching. In addition, it just happens to be one of the best all round fisheries in Virginia. The cypress trees, water lilies and submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) provide excellent habitats for aquatic organisms and are undoubtedly one of the reasons for the consistently good fishing at this lake over the years.

Walkers Dam used to be one of the more popular places to catch blueback herring during their spring spawning run. Anglers are not permitted to fish from Walkers Dam any longer. The recent moratorium on blueback herring and alewives also prevents anglers from harvesting these species. Anglers will have to turn their attention to the variety of game fish species that inhabit Chickahominy Lake and the Chickahominy River.