Chandler's Mill Pond - News & Reports

Notice (Updated 5/20/15): Due to severe erosion that occurred at the spillway in May 2015, the pool has been lowered to protect the dam from further erosion until repairs can be made. The lake will be closed for public fishing until further notice.

During the last fish population survey on May 6, 2008, fallen trees were once again found to be particularly good hot spots. A high number of bass were holding along these trees. Lily pads in the upper ends of the two branches of the pond also offered good habitat for bass. The 2008 survey collected a total of 102 largemouth bass in one hour of sampling effort. This catch rate showed a favorable improvement from the 2007 survey which only yielded 76 bass/hr. The bluegill catch rate of 231/hr showed a decrease from the 2007 survey (367/hr). A high proportion of the bluegills were in the 4 to 6 inch range. The redear sunfish catch rate of 69/hr showed a decrease from the 2007 survey (112/hr). The decrease in catch rates for both bluegills and redear sunfish may be the result of increased angler harvest that has been occurring over the last year or from the increase foraging of bass in the 10 to 15 inch range. The survey only collected a couple channel catfish, but anglers that fish Chandler's on a consistent basis have been able to catch some decent numbers of channel catfish. Fishing this pond should be a nice alternative to fishing some of the bigger waters.

The 2008 fishing season as of the end of July has produced 3 citation largemouth bass. Trophy fish awards revealed that anglers reported 5 citations during 2007. Those citations were 4 largemouth bass and 1 chain pickerel. The 2006 fishing season produced a total of 12 citations with 6 largemouth bass, 5 chain pickerel and 1 carp. The 2005 season revealed one of the best years with 14 citation largemouth bass and 2 chain pickerel reported.