Lake Burke - News & Reports

Notice (posted July 20, 2012):

Construction at the Burke Lake Dam is scheduled to commence September 2012 and to continue for several months. During construction the lake will be drawn down approximately 4.5 feet, the DGIF boat ramp will not be usable and public access across the dam will be prohibited. The DGIF parking lot will remain open but fishing along the lake shore will be impacted by the lowered pool.

Repairs are required to bring the dam into compliance with Virginia's Dam Safety Regulations. The primary modification to dam will be an enlarged emergency spillway and installation of a short vinyl wall along the top of the dam to ensure the dam is not overtopped during extreme storm events. Construction vehicles will access the dam from Laketree Drive so construction traffic on and to this road should be expected for the duration of the project.

The access issue at the DGIF (State) access road on the south (dam) side of the lake seems to be improving since spring 2008. Lake and park users not engaged in fishing are becoming educated that the angler access area is not to be used for dog walking, jogging and other non-angling activities. Trespass summons have been issued, and most cases have gone to court and resulted in convictions.

Kayaks, unless used for fishing, are prohibited in Burke Lake. Signs will soon be posted in this regard.