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New in 2007

Lake Burton largemouth bass regulations changed to NO harvest of largemouth bass beginning February1, 2007. This regulation was designed to bolster the largemouth bass population and protect the few bass that attain trophy status. According to population estimates conducted in 2006, there was only 10 bass in the lake that were 21 inches or larger. Even with a few of these large fish harvested, the goal for managing this lake as a trophy bass fishery would be compromised.

Tips for Proper Care and Handling of Trophy Bass:

If you are one of the few anglers who are fortunate enough to catch a trophy largemouth bass, the following precautionary measures will decrease the likelihood of delayed mortality of released fish.
  • Land the fish as soon as possible. Playing a fish to exhaustion diminishes its chance of survival, especially in warm water. Having the proper fishing tackle is important.
  • Avoid excessive handling when landing a fish, removing the hook, taking pictures, measuring, etc. Always make sure that your hands are wet before handling fish.
  • To handle trophy fish, wet your hands and then use your thumb to clamp down on the bottom lip and support the fish's weight by placing the off-hand under the fish (toward the tail). Do not hold the fish in a horizontal position just by the lower lip.
  • Water temperature's of 75C and warmer are more stressful on fish.
  • Fish should not be out of the water for more than 60 seconds.

Proper handling and care of trophy largemouth bass will increase everyone's chances of catching a trophy bass.