Lake Burton

Lake Burton is a 76-acre impoundment located in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. This reservoir is owned by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and is managed primarily for fisheries related activities. The reservoir was impounded in 1950 and was stocked with various species of sportfish such as largemouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish. Lake Burton is an impoundment of Tomahawk Creek and is relatively shallow and contains a number of fish species that were not originally stocked. These species either were in Tomahawk Creek prior to impoundment or were stocked by anglers. Lake Burton also contains a number of undesirable species such as common carp, suckers, bullhead catfish and gizzard shad. Small impoundments such as Lake Burton typically do not benefit from these species because they cause the sport fish populations to become unbalanced. Carp and suckers tend to keep water muddy while gizzard shad contribute to stunted sunfish populations.

Turbid water and an abundance of undesirable fish species have resulted in an unbalanced fishery in Lake Burton. However, Lake Burton does have a very good largemouth bass fishery with a few bass in the 6-8 pound range but these fish may be challenging due to the large quantity of available forage. The large number of bluegill can provide fast action for sunfish anglers but these fish are small and an increase in size is not likely in the near future due to competition with gizzard shad. The crappie population fluctuates and is generally poor due to small sizes but this lake does generally contain high numbers including an occasional large crappie.

Access Permit Requirement

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) will require an Access Permit for visitors to department-owned Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) and public fishing lakes effective January 1, 2012, who are age 17 and older, unless they possess a valid Virginia hunting, freshwater fishing, or trapping license, or a current Virginia boat registration. Learn more about the Access Permit »