Mossy Creek

Mossy Creek is Virginia's most famous fly fishing destination. Flowing through rolling farmland, it is a classic limestone creek that features tough-to-catch brown trout, undulating masses of aquatic vegetation, swift runs, and steep drop-offs. It is especially challenging to beginning fly anglers, and can even frustrate experienced fishermen. Since no wading is allowed, fish must be approached cautiously from steep banks. Those with patience and technique have often been rewarded with 25 inch brownie hook-ups.

Mossy Creek was first opened to public fishing in 1978. DGIF, Trout Unlimited, and landowners along the stream partnered to create this world-class fishery. It was sealed with a simple agreement that all anglers must carry a signed permit card along with a valid Virginia fishing license. Since that time, fishermen have honed their fly fishing skills and hundreds of browns have been caught and released from its spring-fed waters. Thousands of young brown trout have been stocked into its waters since the 1970's, allowing the food-rich waters and stable flow of Mossy Creek to “grow out” the fingerlings. The result is a popular destination that is sure to resonate with fly casters of all ages.