Hunting Run Reservoir

Hunting Run Reservoir is a 420-acre water supply reservoir owned and operated by Spotsylvania County. The lake was stocked by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and opened to fishing by Spotsylvania County in fall, 2007. There is one access point near the upper end of the lake off Ely's Ford Road. The lake has an excellent largemouth bass population that is currently "bass heavy" or "predator heavy".

Anglers need an access pass to fish on the reservoir. Season passes for Hunting Run Reservoir are only $8 for anglers from Spotsylvania, $10 for Fredericksburg and Stafford. Daily passes are also available and cost $3 for Spotsylvania, $5 for Fredericksburg and Stafford and $7 for all others, respectively. Combination season access to both Ni and Hunting Run costs $15 for Spotsylvania, and $18 for Fredericksburg and Stafford, and $25 for all others (and allows access to both Hunting Run and Ni River Reservoirs in Spotsylvania County). Senior citizens over age 62 have free access, and children under 16 have free access. Boat rentals are $6 an hour with a minimum of three hours and can be rented for up to eight hours. If using your own boat, it must have an electric motor, gas motors are allowed on boats but have to be raised out of the water or the fuel line disconnected. Gas motors are prohibited from operation unless engaged in official duties.