James River State Park Lakes - Fishing Opportunities

Green Hill and Branch Pond are the only accessible ponds for our electrofishing sample gear and recent surveys of both ponds revealed that each has basically the same species assemblage.

Both ponds are largemouth bass, sunfish, channel catfish, black crappie fisheries with bluegill and largemouth bass the dominant species in each impoundment.

Branch Pond exhibits a more balanced, though somewhat dense, population of bass and bluegill. Most largemouth bass are in the 12-13 inch size range but bigger bass are present. Bluegill are mostly small and numerous with most less than 8 inches. Few black crappie are present in Branch Pond but those sampled are quality size with fish up to ten inches.

Green Hill Pond is much less densely populated by largemouth bass but the bluegill population is very dense and stunted. It has a slightly better bass size distribution than Branch Pond with more fish from 12-17 inches present but population numbers are lower than desired for good bass fishing. Like Branch Pond, stunted bluegill and a few redear sunfish dominate the sunfish population. Redear up to nine inches were sampled in 2006 but they were very sparse while bluegill sizes were predominantly less than six inches. Black crappie are present in Green Hill Pond but they too are stunted and sparse.

Of the two ponds, Branch Pond is an excellent place to take kids or beginning anglers to enjoy catching a lot of bass. Green Hill has excellent access and is also a decent place for anglers to go to simply enjoy catching a few fish and you might just end up catching a quality bass to add to your enjoyment.