Shields Lake - Fishing Opportunities

Shields Lake is a beautiful 6-acre lake located in Byrd Park (the City of Richmond's largest park) in the heart of Richmond. Shields Lake is the last lake in the Park's series of three. A large flock of geese reside at the lake year-round, adding to the entertainment value for visitors. The entire shoreline of the lake is accessible to anglers.

Aside from the channel catfish and trout that have been stocked in this lake as part of the Department's Urban Fishing Program, this lake has had relatively poor fish populations typical of urban lakes. The largemouth bass population was typically low and bluegill were overabundant and stunted. A few other species inhabit the lake, but they're typically not important to the fishery due to either low abundance or small size. To fish Shields Lake, anglers must possess a trout license in addition to a fishing license between November 1 and April 30. A trout license is not required from May 1 through October 31 or for juveniles under age 16.

In 2004, five species of fish and one hybrid type were collected using electrofishing: largemouth bass, bluegill, hybrid bluegill, green sunfish, brown bullhead, and yellow perch. Only one adult bass was collected, but reproduction was excellent as evidenced by the collection of approximately 170 young-of-the-year (fish spawned in spring, 2004).