Deep Run Park Lakes - Fishing Opportunities

As is typical of most small urban fisheries, these two ponds have had problems maintaining population balance between largemouth bass and sunfish (bluegill and redear sunfish). Bass stocking has occurred in both ponds, but the numbers and sizes of bass collected in electrofishing samples were disappointing in both 2001 and 2005. It is difficult to maintain quality bass populations in small urban ponds that receive considerable fishing pressure. In order to improve the angling experience, both ponds have been included in the Department's Community Lake Improvement program (CLIP). This program provides annual stockings of channel catfish to enhance angling in relatively small, public community lakes.

Given the historical problems with the bass and sunfish populations in these ponds, and the fact that this is unlikely to change, we recommend that the ponds continue to be stocked with channel catfish annually to provide some quality angling. They are already being stocked at the maximum rate allowed by our program.