Shenandoah River - South Fork - Maps & Access

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Port Republic to Island Ford Map
Distance: 10 miles

A boat ramp was constructed by VDGIF at Port Republic at the confluence of the North River and South River. This facility can accommodate up to 25 vehicles and is one of the most scenic spots on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. As you approach a big island about one mile below Port Republic, take the channel to the right. It is deeper and provides better fishing that the left-hand route. Portage your canoe (to the left of the dam), as running it is impossible. Long, flat runs and pools provide exciting redbreast sunfish angling. Smallmouth bass can be taken in fair numbers along this reach.

Island Ford to Elkton Map
Distance: 7 miles

A picturesque float, the South Fork meanders through farmland, once again providing excellent redbreast sunfish and rock bass fishing opportunities in the deep pools, and lots of small smallmouth bass action in the riffles. A Class I - II waters with one small ledge below Island Ford. Look for the VDGIF landing on the right-hand side of the river going downstream near the Rt. 33 bridge.

Elkton to Shenandoah Map
Distance: 7 miles

Put in at the VDGIF boat ramp at Elkton and rig up a small crayfish imitation for some smallmouth bass excitement. Get out of your canoe occasionally to wade the riffles and runs for best bronzeback results. Rock bass and redbreast sunfish add to the angling fun. A long power pool exists behind the 10-foot high dam at the town of Shenandoah. Pig-and-jig for largemouth bass or use live minnows for a trophy musky. Take out is on the right side of the river above the dam.

Shenandoah to Grove Hill Map
Distance: 8 miles

Access the river at the Allegheny Power "hand-launch" access site directly below the Shenandoah Dam. People launching canoes/kayaks at this site will have to park their vehicles upstream of the Dam at the parking area provided at the Town of Shenandoah/DGIF access site. Takeout at the VDGIF dirt ramp on the right at Rt. 650 just downstream of the U.S. 340 bridge.

The river is accessible only to canoes/kayaks at the location. This is an easy float mixed with flat stretches and Class I rapids. This stretch has numerous smallmouth bass, rock bass, redbreast sunfish, musky, channel catfish, and in the slower reaches largemouth bass and bluegill.

Grove Hill to Newport Map
Distance: 6 miles

Access is at a VDGIF ramp located on Rt. 650 near Grove hill. The takeout is on the left, downstream from Newport on U.S. 340. Both access sites are dirt and are not accessible to trailers.

This section of river is comprised of several large pools and allows the angler a chance to fish for muskellunge, largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, and channel catfish.

CAUTION: Be aware that halfway to the Newport Access there is a large hydroelectric dam. Boaters can legally portage around the dam on the right side of the dam facing downstream.

Newport to Alma Map
Distance: 3 miles

Launch at the VDGIF ramp located north of Newport on U.S. 340 and takeout on the right side of the river upstream of the U.S. 340 bridge at Alma. Both access points are primitive and not recommended for trailers. This section is riddled with Class I riffles and runs which provide for quality smallmouth bass and rock bass fishing.

Alma to White House Map
Distance: 7 miles

The VDGIF access site at Alma is located just upstream from the U.S. 340 bridge on the right side of the river. The takeout is downstream of the U.S. 211 bridge on the right bank and can be accessed by Rt. 646. The Alma launch site is primitive and trailers are not recommended.

This stretch has a diversity of habitat: pools, runs, and riffles that provide angling opportunities for smallmouth bass, rock bass, muskellunge, sunfish, and channel catfish.

White House to Massanutten Map
Distance: 4 miles

The VDGIF ramp at White House can be accessed from U.S. 211 by taking Rt. 646. The takeout at Massanutten is on the left bank of the river and can be reached from Rt. 615. Both ramps are concrete and can be utilized by trailers.

The river in this stretch is characterized by large pools which provide excellent musky habitat.

Largemouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish may also be found in the deeper pools, while smallmouth bass and rock bass may provide action in the riffle and transition areas.

Massanutten to Inskeep Map
Distance: 3 miles

The Massanutten VDGIF ramp can be reached from Rt. 615. The takeout at Inskeep can be reached off Rt. 675, downstream of the bridge on the left bank. Trailers cannot access the Inskeep ramp. This float has a dam that must be portaged halfway through the float.

This section of river has many pools and provides excellent muskellunge, largemouth bass, and smallmouth bass habitat.

Inskeep to Foster's Map
Distance: 9 miles

Access to the Inskeep VDGIF ramp is from Rt. 675 on the left bank of the river downstream of the bridge. The Inskeep ramp is primitive and trailers are not feasible. Takeout at Foster's on Rt. 684 on the left bank of the river. A Forest Service canoe ramp at Bealer's Ferry is located approximately of the way from Inskeep, also on the left bank.

A diversity of habitats are found in this section of the river as riffles, runs, and pools which provide angling opportunities for smallmouth bass, rock bass, muskellunge, redbreast sunfish, largemouth bass, and channel catfish.

Foster's to BentonvilleMap
Distance: 18 miles

Foster's can be accessed from Rt. 675 downstream of the bridge on the left bank of the river. The VDGIF takeout ramp at Bentonville can be reached from Rt. 613 downstream from the bridge on the left bank. Three Forest Service canoe ramps are located between the Foster's and Bentonville ramps. The Forest Service access points are Goods Landing (2 miles), Seakford (6 miles), and Batzell (11 miles). Canoe and trailer access is available at the Foster's and Bentonville ramps.

This section contains numerous Class I and Class II rapids which provide excellent canoeing and fishing. The best angling opportunities in this section will be for smallmouth bass, rock bass, and redbreast sunfish.

Bentonville to Simpson
Distance: 9.5 miles

Put in at Bentonville VDGIF ramp on Rt. 613. Takeout at Simpson VDGIF access on Rt. 623 (canoe access only). A rough trailer ramp in located at Karo (Rt. 340) approximately mile upstream from Simpson. A shallow section of river with mostly rocks and ledges makes this good smallmouth territory. Class II rapids between Karo and Simpson could add a little excitement to the trip.

Simpson to Front Royal
Distance: 6 miles

Put in at VDGIF ramp on Rt. 623. Access limited to canoes only. Takeout at Front Royal boat ramp on Rt. 681. This section is shallow, with lots of riffles and rock cover. It is a fairly easy float with good smallmouth bass cover.

Front Royal to RivertonMap
Distance: 4 miles

Put in at Front Royal VDGIF boat ramp on Rt. 681. Takeout on Riverton boat landing, 1/4 mile upstream on the North Fork. This section offers good smallmouth fishing along with an easy, short float. There are some good deep pools near the end.

Public Boating Access at S. Fork Shenandoah River

County/City Access Area Barrier Free Type Ramps Latitude Longitude Map
Clarke Berry's No Concrete Ramp 1 39° 2' 29" N
77° 59' 55" W
Directions: Rt 50 East of Rt 340 (5.5)
Page Alma No Shoreline Access 0 38° 35' 20" N
78° 33' 57" W
Directions: Rt 650 South of Alma (.5)
Page Fosters No Concrete Ramp 1 38° 46' 13" N
78° 25' 21" W
Directions: From Luray, Rt 675 North (2.7); R on Rt R-684 (6)
Page Grove Hill No Shoreline Access 0 38° 31' 38" N
78° 35' 41" W
Directions: From Shenandoah, Rt 340 North (2); R on Rt 650 (1.1)
Page Inskeep No Concrete Ramp, Shallow Water 0 38° 42' 6" N
78° 29' 30" W
Directions: From Luray, Rt 684 North (2.5) at the Rt 675 Bridge
Page Massanutten No Concrete Ramp, Shallow Water 0 38° 40' 21" N
78° 31' 45" W
Directions: From Luray, Rt. 211 West (3.8); R on Rt 615 (2.8)
Page Newport No Shoreline Access 0 38° 34' 59" N
78° 35' 40" W
Directions: Northeast on Rt 340 (7) of Shenandoah
Page Shenandoah Riverside Yes Concrete Ramp 1 38° 28' 49" N
78° 37' 25" W
Directions: Town of Shenandoah, Morrison Street
Page White House No Concrete Ramp 1 38° 38' 46" N
78° 32' 4" W
Directions: From Luray, Rt 211 East (2.8); R on Rt 646 (.1)
Rockingham Elkton No Boat Slide 0 38° 24' 34" N
78° 38' 6" W
Directions: From Elkton, North on Rt 33 Business (.2)
Rockingham Island Ford No Shoreline Access 0 38° 21' 17" N
78° 41' 44" W
Directions: From Island Ford Rt. 340, W. Rt 649, Left Rt. 642, ramp on right
Rockingham Port Republic No Shoreline Access 0 38° 17' 45" N
78° 48' 29" W
Directions: From Grottoes, Rt. 340 N.; W. Rt. 659, R. bef. river, Ramp on left.
Warren Bentonville No Shoreline Access 0 38° 50' 26" N
78° 19' 45" W
Directions: From Bentonville, West on Rt 613 (1)
Warren Karo No Shoreline Access 0 38° 52' 17" N
78° 15' 10" W
Directions: From Front Royal, West on Rt 340 (5) at Karo

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