Shenandoah River - North Fork - Facilities

There are six public access points along the North Fork Shenandoah River. All the access sites are either owned or co-managed by VDGIF. Moving downstream: (1) Meems Bottom is located where Route 730 crosses the North Fork near Mount Jackson. This access is a "hand launch" area where boats must be carried to the river. The site also has a small parking area to accommodate 2-3 vehicles; (2) Chapman's Landing is located just downstream of Edinburg off Route 672. This site has a gravel parking area and a concrete boat ramp; (3) Deer Rapids is located 3 miles south of Strasburg on Rt. 11, then left on Rt. 644; (4) Strasburg is located in Strasburg Town Park off of Route 55. The access has a concrete boat ramp and gravel parking area; (5) Catlett's Landing is located off of Route 626 upstream of Riverton. The site offers canoe access only. Parking is also available; (6) Riverton Landing is located off Route 340/522 on Route 637 in Riverton. The access offers a concrete ramp and parking area.

(Hudgin's Rest) A canoe "rest stop" area is located on the left bank going downstream near Maurertown. The land was donated to the VDGIF by Garland Hudgins and is maintained by the Friends of The North Fork Shenandoah River. Canoeists can use this area to take a break from paddling and enjoy lunch or a nap. The area is marked with a brown metal sign.

REMEMBER, please respect the rights of private property owners along the river! All most the entire riparian area on both banks of the North Fork Shenandoah River is privately owned.

Go to MAPS to view locations of public access points on the North Fork Shenandoah river.