Shenandoah River - Main Stem - Maps & Access

Riverton to Morgan's Ford Map
Distance: 13 miles

Put in at VDGIF ramp located off of Rt. 340 beside the bride over the North Fork in Front Royal. Takeout at VDGIF ramp at Morgan's Ford on the right by the low-water bridge (Rt. 642). This section of the river is slow-moving and deep, producing quality catfish, bluegill, largemouth bass and carp fishing. A dam four miles downstream requires a portage. Takeout allows rough trailer access, although a canoe is recommended for this float due to the portage.

Morgan's Ford to Berry's Ferry Map
Distance: 11 miles

Put in at VDGIF ramp beside the low-water bridge on Rt. 624. Canoes and limited trailer access is available at this ramp. Takeout is under the Rt. 50 bridge at the VDGIF concrete launch on the left side of the river. This is an 11-mile float with a fairly even mix of riffles, runs and pools. It offers excellent fishing for smallmouth and bluegills, as well as muskellunge. Canoeists of all experience levels should enjoy this float.

Berry's Ferry to Lockes Map
Distance: 10 miles

Put in under the Rt. 50 bridge east of Winchester. Takeout on left at Lockes, Rt. 621. Both VDGIF sites offer concrete ramps for canoe or trailer launching. Numerous small riffles and Class I rapids combined with an abundance of aquatic vegetation offer spectacular angling opportunities. This section boasts one of several Indian fish trap remnants found on the river system.

Lockes to Castleman's Ferry Map
Distance: 5 miles

Put in at ramp Rt. 608 in Clarke County. Take out at the Rt. 7 low-water bridge. Both VDGIF access sites offer concrete ramps for canoe or trailer launching, This section has numerous riffles and Class I rapids. Lots of rock cover adds to the smallmouth fishing. Bluegills are also plentiful in this section.

Public Boating Access at Shenandoah River

County/City Access Area Barrier Free Type Ramps Latitude Longitude Map
Clarke Castleman's Ferry No Concrete Ramp 1 39° 7' 26" N
77° 53' 28" W
Directions: From Berryville East on Rt 7; R on Rt 606
Clarke Lockes No Concrete Ramp 1 39° 6' 6" N
77° 57' 53" W
Directions: From Berryville, East on Rt 7 (3);R on Rt 621 (8.4)
Warren Front Royal No Shoreline Access 0 38° 54' 48" N
78° 12' 35" W
Directions: Front Royal on Luray Avenue
Warren Morgan's Ford No Shoreline Access 0 38° 57' 28" N
78° 7' 18" W
Directions: From Front Royal, East on 6th. Street to Rt 624 (3)

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