Dragon Run / Piankatank River - Fishing Opportunities


Tidal River Blue Catfish

In recent years blue catfish have colonized the upper Piankatank and lower Dragon Run. Anglers fishing for catfish can expect to catch increasing numbers of blue cats in this river over time. With blue catfish having the potential to reach extremely large sizes, it is possible anglers will be catching blue catfish over 40 pounds in coming years.

Largemouth bass

Tidal River Largemouth Bass Outlook

This is a relatively small and inaccessible fishery, but recent surveys indicate stable recruitment, extremely high catch rates, and good numbers of largemouth over 15 inches available to those who seek them out. Largemouth are most abundant from Route 17 downstream to the lower end of the no wake zone below Megs Bay, where the river widens considerably and seasonal salinity levels limit largemouth occurrence.

Striped Bass

During both the spring and fall seasons, striped bass, particularly schooling males, can be found in the Piankatank and lower Dragon Run below Route 17. The Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC) sets season and size-limits for striped bass in this tidal river.

For season information contact VMRC in Newport News at 1-800-541-4646 or on the web at:

Virginia Marine Resource Commission(VMRC)

White Perch

White perch are common throughout the tidal river, but fishing is best in the lower river during spring and summer. White perch can be caught using plastic grubs, beetle spins, or grass shrimp.