Nottoway River - Maps & Access

The following are three of the better float-fishing trip worth trying on the river:

Cutbank Bridge (Rt. 609) to Double Bridge (Rt. 619) Map (11.5 miles)

This is a trip for canoes only, as the river reaches the Fall Line in the last three miles of the trip. Put in at the Rt. 609 bridge and take out at the VDGIF boat ramp on Rt. 651, just past the Rt. 619 bridge. A few class I and II sections must be negotiated, but should not present much of a problem. The river here is scenic and undeveloped. As a matter of fact, you may not see another person during the float. Fishing in this stretch can be excellent with redbreast sunfish, smallmouth bass, and Roanoke bass providing most of the catch. This is a long trip with plenty of good-looking fishing waters. Anglers need to pace themselves so they reach the lower rapids before nightfall!

Double Bridge (Rt. 619) to Rt. 630 BridgeMapApproximately 5 miles)

Put in at the VDGIF boat ramp on Rt. 651, and take out at the VDGIF boat ramp at the Rt. 630 bridge. This is an easy stretch, mostly flat with just a few class I raffles. Anglers will enjoy having the time to fish for Roanoke bass, smallmouth bass, and redear sunfish that inhabit this section of the river. Redbreast sunfish are abundant here and can provide plenty of action. Walleye are caught here occasionally, typically in the late spring.

Peter's Bridge (Rt. 631) to Carey's Bridge (Rt. 653)
Map (9 miles)<

The trip from Rt. 631 to Rt. 653 is recommended in the lower stretch. If I had to pick my favorite section of river, this would be it. There are VDGIF boat ramps and off road parking areas at these two bridge crossings. The float is a little long for canoeists to fish much, but the scenery is nice and the float is very easy. The river is deeper here than upstream, so anglers can use small motors to cut the float time, allowing them more time to fish the good spots. This transition area from the fast flowing waters upstream and the slow, swampy areas downstream provides anglers the chance to catch a little bit of everything.

Nottoway River access sites:

County Route number
Lunenburg 49

Dinwiddie 613, 612, 610, 609

Sussex 619, 630, 645, 40, 637, 626, 40, 631

Southampton 653, 742, 671, 684, 258

VDGIF ramp sites in bold, other routes have canoe access with limited parking.

Public Boating Access at Nottoway River

County/City Access Area Barrier Free Type Ramps Latitude Longitude Map
Greensville Jarratt Yes Concrete Ramp 1 36° 50' 51" N
77° 29' 36" W
Directions: From Jarratt, Rt 630 East (2.2) to Nottoway River; site on left
Greensville Purdy No Concrete Ramp 1 36° 50' 49" N
77° 33' 39" W
Directions: From Jarratt, Rt. 610 West (.7); R on Rt 608 (4.4); R on Rt 651 (1.2)
Lunenburg The Falls No Concrete Ramp 1 37° 2' 49" N
78° 9' 4" W
Directions: Northeast on Rt 49, (4) of Victoria
Southampton Carey's No Concrete Ramp 1 36° 46' 14" N
77° 9' 58" W
Directions: From Capron, Rt 653 Northeast (4.5)
Southampton General Vaughan Bridge No Concrete Ramp 2 36° 33' 60" N
76° 56' 43" W
Directions: From Franklin, Rt 258 South (9.5)
Southampton Hercules No Concrete Ramp 1 36° 39' 12" N
77° 0' 10" W
Directions: From Franklin, Rt 671 West (4)
Sussex Peters Bridge No Concrete Ramp 1 36° 51' 35" N
77° 11' 27" W
Directions: From Littleton, Rt 35 South (1); R on Rt 631 (2.7)

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