North Landing and Northwest Rivers - Maps & Access

Northwest River Access
Indian Creek Road

Several access sites are located along Indian Creek Road off of Battlefield Boulevard South. Northwest River Park has canoe rental sand offers access to the river. Rented canoes are launched in the park lake and can be paddled 1.5 miles through the park canals towards the river. Canoes must then be carried a few hundred years from the lake to the river. There are no boat ramps on the river in the park, but along Indian Creek Road; at each end of the park are access sites to Northwest River tributaries. The Indian Creek Bridge, on the west edge of the park, has limited parking, but small trailered boats can be launched here, and canoes. This is a popular launch site for small boats. Indian Creek(Map) is fairly large and offers plenty of good angling for sunfish. On the eastern boundary of the park, the Smith CreekMap

Boat ramps on the Northwest River are located at Bob's Fishing Hole and the Little Arrow Store, both in the 4000 block of South Battlefield Boulevard. This is where many of the bass boats are launched on the river. Canoes can be launched here as well. Snacks, drinks, bait, etc. are available.

Bunch Walnuts Road Bridge Map
3400 Block Bunch Walnuts Road

Further upstream on the river, this bridge crossing provides access for canoes or small "car-topper" boats, but parking is very limited.

North Landing River Access
There are several marinas on the North Landing River and its tributaries which provide access for boaters. Located far upstream on the Intracoastal Waterway, Centerville Turnpike, Chesapeake, (757) 482-1834 offers a ramp for larger boats, gas, diesel, snacks and drinks.

West Neck Marina(Map) at 3985 West Neck Road in Virginia Beach has a boat ramp, snacks and bait. Canoes can be launched here as well.

Canoes and small car-topper boats can be launched at a few locations in Virginia Beach. Parking is generally very limited at these sites. Dozier's Bridge, spanning West Neck Creek in the 2500 block of Princess Anne Road, has a canoe put-in area, but limited parking. This is far upstream in a mostly swampy area. Speed's Bridge, also on West Neck Creek in the 2200 block of Indian River Road, has a canoe put-in area but limited parking. The Pocaty Creek Bridge, in the 1400 block of Blackwater Road, has a put-in for canoes and small trailered boats but has limited parking available. Canoes can be launched in the upper end of Milldam Creek in the 6100 block of Blackwater Road. Parking is limited here as well.

Blackwater Trading Post Map
5605 Blackwater Road
Virginia Beach
(757) 421-2803

The Blackwater Trading Post on Blackwater Road is, of course, next to Blackwater Creek. The creek is well named. Much like the Northwest River, The water is dark, draining from swampy areas. Bluegill and pumpkinseed sunfish are the most common species here. The store has snacks, baits and sells fishing licenses. There's a canoe put-in as well as a boat ramp. There's plenty of water to explore upstream and downstream from the bridge. This is one of the larger tributaries of the North Landing River.

North Landing River Map
Nature Preserve
4800 Block Blackwater Road
Virginia Beach

There's a parking lot here, but it's a half-mile hike down to the water to launch a canoe. If you're up to the hike, there's plenty of water to explore in one of the rivers larger tributaries.

Munden Point Park Map
2001 Pefley Lane
Virginia Beach

This City Park, far down Princess Anne Road towards North Carolina, has a wide paved ramp, picnic facilities, restrooms, etc. The river is at its widest here and the Intracoastal Waterway passes by the park. Water skiing is popular in this area as well, so there are some larger boats. For those unable to launch along Blackwater Road, crossing the river from Munden Point provides access to several of the western shore tributaries. The park closes at sunset.