Meherrin River

Moratorium on Possession of River Herring

It is now illegal for any person fishing this river to have river herring in their possession - this includes blueback herring and alewife. All river herring inadvertently caught by anglers must be immediately released back into the water.

New Regulations for Herring

The Meherrin River originates on the Lunenburg-Mecklenburg County line in Virginia and flows southeasterly through the coastal piedmont into Emporia Reservoir. The reservoir is a source of municipal water for the city of Emporia, VA and it is also available for recreational fishing. From the base of the Emporia Dam, the waters of the Meherrin River flow again south east into North Carolina where it merges with the Chowan River. The Meherrin River basin in Virginia is primarily agriculture and mixed hardwood-pine forest. Water levels below the dam do fluctuate greatly with hydroelectric power generation, so be cautious when wading or bank fishing in this area. Logjams are common in the extensive swamps below Emporia. Consequently, boating is slow as well as dangerous. Wading is possible in only a few places but is not recommended. The only public boat ramp below the Emporia Dam is in the city park on the north side of the river.