James River - Upper & Middle - Maps & Access

James River Float Trip Map

Distance: 139.1 miles

Horseshoe Bend to SpringwoodMap
Distance: 2.8 miles

Horseshoe Bend is adjacent to Rt. 43 and consists of a concrete boat ramp. Shallow, fast water at this boat ramp makes launching difficult. A canoe launching area is present at Springwood (under the Rt. 630 bridge). Boats have to be carried to the river at this site. This float has a long series of deep pools and relatively long riffles. The fast water is not exceptionally difficult to navigate. Smallmouth bass are numerous and rock bass are common. It is also possible to hook into a musky on this float.

Springwood to BuchananMap
Distance: 3.6 miles

From the canoe launching area at Springwood, proceed downstream to the concrete boat ramp in the Town of Buchanan. This ramp is suitable for most small boats, and is upstream from the Rt. 11 bridge. This float is a series of long pools and short riffles, none of which are too difficult. Smallmouth bass and rock bass provide the most fishing action, but this is also the most popular segment for musky fishing.

Buchanan to ArcadiaMap
Distance: 5 miles

There is a boat ramp at Buchanan, and a canoe launching area at Arcadia. This launch area is adjacent to the Rt. 614 bridge, and a steep path must be negotiated to get from the parking area to the river. This float is generally a series of pools and riffles, with some rock ledges. Smallmouth bass fishing is good. Rock bass, redbreast sunfish, and muskies may also be caught.

Arcadia to Glasgow Map
Distance: 16.8 miles

From the canoe launch at Arcadia, proceed downstream to the mouth of the Maury River near Glasgow. A concrete boat ramp on the Maury River is located just above its confluence with the James River. A difficult rapid below this ramp on the Maury River makes it unsuited for anything except canoe/kayaks. This is a relatively easy float with plenty of smallmouth bass to provide action. Flathead catfish can also be caught in this section.

Glasgow to Snowden Map
Distance: 3.0 miles

From Glasgow, proceed downstream through the James River gorge to the concrete boat ramp at Snowden. This ramp is located on the left side of the river in a small creek, just downstream from the railroad bridge over the James River. Small boats can be launched at Snowden, but parking is limited. Class II and III rapids throughout the James River gorge make this a challenging float. The most difficult rapid is located at Balcony Falls. The smallmouth bass fishing on this float is very good. A dam immediately downstream from Snowden ramp prevents further downstream travel in this section of the James.

Monocan Park Map

This access point has a good concrete ramp suitable for most boats, and provides access to the pool impounded by Reusens Dam. It is located at the end of Rt. 652, near Elon. Several miles of river can be utilized from this point. This is all flat water, and relatively deep. Fishing is good for bluegill, and other species such as smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, redbreast sunfish, and channel catfish may be caught as well.

Red-N-Dots Store Map

A private boat landing at Red-N-Dots Market, this concrete ramp is suited for small boats. A fee is required for launching boats/parking. Access is to the pool formed by Scott's Mill Dam. This is all flat water with good fishing for bluegill. Other species present include smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, redbreast sunfish, rock bass, and channel catfish. Numerous islands are present in this pool.

Joshua Falls to Bent CreekMap
Distance: 15.3 miles

A boat slide is available at Joshua Falls, located at the end of Rt. 726 near the Campbell/Appomattox County line. The access point at Bent Creek is a concrete tamp suitable for canoes or very small boats. This access is located immediately upstream from the Rt. 60 bridge. A long, but relatively east float lies between these two points. The river is generally wide and shallow, with small and infrequent riffles/ledges. Fishing is best for smallmouth bass and redbrest sunfish. Channel catfish can also be caught in this section.

Bent Creek to WinginaMap
Distance: 12.4 miles

The ramp at Bent Creek is best suited for canoes or small boats. At Wingina, a concrete ramp is present at the Rt. 56 bridge. However, trailer-launched boats can only be used during high flows, due to a steep dropoff at the end of the ramp. Typically, this float is a series of long, shallow pools interspersed with short, easy riffles. Smallmouth bass and redbreast sunfish will provide most of the fishing through here.

Wingina to James River WMA Map
Distance: 2.2 miles

Wingina provides a ramp for small boats/canoes, and a good concrete boat ramp is present at the James River Wildlife Management Area (WMA) (follow the signs from Rt. 626). This is a short and shallow float. During low flow periods, the river gets quite shallow through this section. The best fishing action comes courtesy of smallmouth bass and redbreast sunfish.

James River WMA to Howardsville
Distance: 8.6 miles

There is a good concrete ramp at James Rive WMA. The concrete ramp at Howardsville is located off of Rt. 626 at the mouth of the Rockfish River. This location means that this ramp is frequently covered with sand, and the launch area is quite shallow. This float is characterized by long shallow pools and short riffles. Several islands dot the river on this trip. Fishing is best for smallmouth bass and redbreast sunfish, although longnose gar and channel catfish can add to the excitement.

Howardsville to Scottsville
Distance: 9.8 miles

The ramp at Howardsville provide the starting point for this relatively long trip. A concrete ramp at Scottsville (reached by following the signs from Rt. 6) in located downstream of the Rt. 20 bridge, and is suitable for most boats. The river is generally wide and shallow throughout this section with many small islands. This is an easy float, but will take some time when the river is low. Smallmouth bass, redbreast sunfish, channel catfish, and longnose gar will provide most of the fishing action.

Scottsville to Hardware River W.M.A. Map
Distance: 5.8 miles

Good concrete boat ramps are present at both access points. The ramp at Hardware River Wildlife Management Area is reached by following the sings from Rt. 6. The upper portion of this float has long shallow pools, while the lower portion passes through a multitude of islands. The takeout at Hardware River WMA is located immediately upstream from the mouth of the Hardware River, and you should stick to the left (north) bank of the river as you near the takeout. Fishing in this section is excellent for redbreast sunfish, and good for smallmouth bass.

Hardware to New CantonMap
Distance 6.9 miles

A braided channel with many small islands. Very scenic with much Class I and II riffles. Redbrest and smallmouth provide most fishing action. Take out downstream from Route 15 bridge, on right.

New Canton to ColumbiaMap
Distance: 11 miles

This is a predominantly flat stretch with little fast water. Best fishing provided by catfish and smallmouth. Take out on right at bridge.

Columbia to CartersvilleMap
Distance: 9.5 miles

This is a predominantly flat stretch with few riffles and fair scenery. This is catfish and smallmouth water with redbreast also being abundant. Take out on right just after bridge.

Cartersville to West ViewMap
Distance: 5 miles

A flat stretch with rolling hills providing good scenery. Smallmouth and redbreast provide most fishing action but a diversity of bream and some catfish. Take out on left, opposite island.

West View to Powhatan State ParkMap
Distance: 7.5 miles

There is a good concrete ramp at Westview. There are two boat slides for canoes and hand carry boat at the State Park. Between river miles two and five, there is a series of Class I riffles. The rest of the float is flat but provides good smallmouth and bream fishing. The takeout is on the south shoreline just before the big bend in the river.

Powhatan State Park to MaidensMap
Distance: 6 miles

Only hand carried boats can be launched at the State Park. There is a good concrete ramp at Maidens access area. The river is mostly flat with deep pockets good for catfish and bass. The takeout is on the south shoreline just before the 522 bridge.

Maidens to WatkinsMap
Distance: 13.1 miles

Numerous Class I riffles and islands are encountered in the middle of the float. The last of the float (3.5 miles) is in the Boshers Dam pool. Good smallmouth and catfish water. Take out on right.

Public Boating Access at James River

County/City Access Area Barrier Free Type Ramps Latitude Longitude Map
Albemarle Howardsville Yes Concrete Ramp 1 37° 43' 59" N
78° 38' 44" W
Directions: From Rte. 626 Turn right on Rt. 602/Howardsville Turnpike and proceed 0.1 miles to the boat landing.
Albemarle Scottsville Yes Concrete Ramp 1 37° 47' 49" N
78° 29' 36" W
Directions: Town of Scottsville, Ferry Street
Amherst Snowden No Concrete Ramp 1 37° 35' 49" N
79° 23' 22" W
Directions: From Snowden, Rt 501/130 East cross over Rocky Roe Run (1)
Appomattox Bent Creek No Concrete Ramp 1 37° 32' 8" N
78° 49' 40" W
Directions: At Bent Creek at the intersection of Rt 60 and Rt 26
Bedford Reed Creek Landing No Concrete Ramp 1 37° 31' 29" N
79° 20' 59" W
Directions: From Big Island take 501 South, access adjacent to Georgia Pacific Plant on the River
Botetourt Arcadia No Shoreline Access 0 37° 33' 17" N
79° 38' 14" W
Directions: From Buchanan, N. Rt. 11, E. Rt. 614, 1 1/2 mi.
Botetourt Buchanan No Concrete Ramp 1 37° 31' 48" N
79° 40' 46" W
Directions: Town of Buchanan
Botetourt Craig Creek No Shoreline Access 0 37° 38' 45" N
79° 48' 52" W
Directions: Under Rt. 220 Bridge at Rt. 683
Botetourt Horseshoe Bend No Concrete Ramp 1 37° 35' 21" N
79° 43' 40" W
Directions: From Buchanan. West on Rt. 43 (7mi)
Botetourt Irongate No Shoreline Access 0 37° 46' 26" N
79° 46' 58" W
Directions: From Irongate, Rt. 220
Botetourt Springwood No Shoreline Access 0 37° 32' 52" N
79° 44' 33" W
Directions: From Buchanan, Rt 43 North (3.5); L on Rt 630 to (1); to Rt 601
Buckingham New Canton Yes Concrete Ramp 1 37° 42' 35" N
78° 17' 59" W
Directions: From Arvonia Rt. 15, N. app.2 mi, E. Rt 670, N. beyond P.O. (1/2/mi.
Campbell Joshua Falls Yes Boat Slide 0 37° 25' 9" N
79° 2' 26" W
Directions: From Kelly on Rt 460 to N. Rt 726 (4)
Cumberland Cartersville No Concrete Ramp 1 37° 40' 10" N
78° 5' 13" W
Directions: Town of Cartersville on Rt 45
Cumberland Columbia No Concrete Ramp 1 37° 44' 58" N
78° 9' 46" W
Directions: South of Columbia on Rt 690
Fluvanna Hardware River No Concrete Ramp, Shallow Water 0 37° 44' 25" N
78° 24' 28" W
Directions: From Scottsville, Rt 6 East (6); R on Rt 646 (3.8)
Goochland West View Yes Concrete Ramp 1 37° 38' 33" N
78° 0' 37" W
Directions: From Goochland, Rt 6 West (3.5); L on Rt 600 (4.8); R on Rt 643 (1.2)
Nelson Midway No Concrete Ramp 1 37° 40' 9" N
78° 42' 53" W
Directions: In James River WMA off Rt 743 (3); Northeast of Wingina
Nelson Wingina No Concrete Ramp 1 37° 38' 9" N
78° 43' 12" W
Directions: Rt 56 South of Wingina
Powhatan Maidens No Concrete Ramp 1 37° 39' 52" N
77° 53' 26" W
Directions: Rt. 522 just south of Rt. 6
Powhatan Powhatan State Park No Boat Slide 0 37° 40' 46" N
77° 56' 48" W
Directions: From Rt. 522 turn onto Rt. 617, Park entrance is on the left.
Powhatan Watkins Landing Yes Concrete Ramp 2 37° 35' 18" N
77° 42' 47" W
Directions: From Bon Air, Rt 147 West (3); R on Rt 711 (6.5); R on Rt 625 (1.2)
Rockbridge Glasgow Yes Boat Slide 1 37° 37' 26" N
79° 26' 45" W
Directions: From Rt. 130 Town of Glasgow, turn South on Rt. 684, follow to parking lot shared with Locker Landing. Follow footpath under Railroad tracks to James River.

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