Holston River - Middle Fork

The headwaters of the Middle Fork Holston River are located near the Smyth-Wythe County line in Southwest Virginia. The river flows approximately 56 miles through Smyth and Washington counties and connects with the South Fork Holston River to form South Holston Reservoir. The river has many different sport fish species for all types of anglers. In the upper sections of the river near the towns of Atkins and Marion there are two designated stocked trout areas. Near the town of Atkins there is a Class "B" stocked trout section that is stocked five times from October through May. The Class "A" stocked trout water in the town of Marion is stocked with trout eight times from October through May. The area is posted with signs designating the stocked portion and anglers are required to have a trout license in addition to a statewide freshwater fishing license in order to fish this stocked section between October 1st and June 15. Within the town limits of Marion is a universally accessible fishing pier.

Below the stocked section, fishing opportunities are limited because the river flows through private land with little to no public access. By regulation, the Middle Fork Holston River is classified as navigable from the confluence with the South Fork Holston River upstream to Route 11 at Seven Mile Ford. There is approximately 32 miles of navigable water in this section. With landowner permission, the river can be accessed and fished from the bank or can be easily floated in a canoe or float tube.