Dan River - Regulations


The two special regulation sections of the Dan River require a free permit issued by the City of Danville. The permit can be obtained at the City Utilities Department or at the Pinnacles Powerhouse. Contact:

City of Danville
Director of Electric Division
Department of Utilities
P. O. Box 33007
Danville, Va. 24543
(434) 799-5270

Dan River (Patrick County) - Catch and Release section between the Pinnacles Powerhouse and Townes Dam.

Dan River (Patrick County) - Trophy Trout water between Townes Reservoir and Talbott Dam.


  • 2 per day
  • No trout less than 16 inches

Catchable Trout Sections

  • 6 per day in aggregate
  • No fish less than 7 inches
  • Hours: 5:00 am until one hour after sunset

Black Bass

(Largemouth and Smallmouth)

  • 5 per day in aggregate
  • Only 2 of 5 bass less than 14 inches downstream from the Union Street Dam in Danville

Striped Bass

(Buggs Island Lake up to the Union Street Dam in Danville)

June 1 to September 30

  • 4 per day
  • No length limit

October 1 to May 31

  • 2 per day
  • No striped bass less than 24 inches


  • 50 per day in aggregate
  • No length limits

Crappie, Rock Bass, White Bass

  • 25 per day
  • No length limits


  • 20 per day
  • Only 1 Blue Catfish longer than 32 inches


  • 5 per day
  • No walleye less than 18 inches

Other Species