Bark Camp Lake - Fishing Opportunities

Largemouth bass numbers are about average for small impoundments in Southwest Virginia. The size of bass available is well above average, however. About 18 percent of the adult largemouths exceed 15 inches in total length. Each year biologists collect trophy-sized bass during routine sampling.

Anglers fishing for sunfish will find a great variety. Bluegills are the dominant sunfish species, but redear, pumpkinseed, redbreast sunfish and warmouths are also available in fishable numbers. Black crappie are present, but not very abundant.

Channel catfish and bullheads offer something for those anglers who target catfish. The lake is not known for exceptional catfishing, but some very large channel catfish have been collected in the past. Some of these channel cats were over 30 inches long, so the lake definitely has the potential to produce some trophies.

Many anglers come to Bark Camp Lake to fish for stocked trout. Catchable-sized brown and rainbow trout are stocked periodically from October through May to ensure that there are enough trout in the lake to provide fishing opportunities.