Bark Camp Lake

Bark Camp Lake is a 61-acre lake located in Scott County. It is the oldest Department-owned lake in Southwest Virginia. When construction of the lake was completed in the mid 1950's, a beautiful lake completely surrounded by forested land was born. Some of the trees surrounding the lake have found their way into the lake and are providing good habitat for fish and good fishing spots for anglers. Clear water and fairly dense stands of aquatic vegetation offer anglers and other "fish watchers" a unique scenario.

A variety of fish species are available for anglers, including largemouth bass, black crappie, several sunfish species, channel catfish, and trout. Most of these fish populations are self-sustaining, meaning that they reproduce in the lake and maintain fishable populations without the need for stocking. Catchable-sized trout are stocked seasonally to provide a bit of angling diversity. Grass carp are also stocked as needed to control aquatic vegetation.